Indoor Golf Study and Startup Model ($99)

Learn how to start and grow a profitable indoor golf business

​We recently completed an extensive survey of golf simulator business owners across the United States seeking to understand key business trends, strategies and drivers of profitability. We combined the indoor golf survey data with information on things such as local golfers, weather and average daily traffic to gain a deeper understanding of what drives success for indoor golf centers. The study provides key information such as which criteria were most important for golf simulator bar owners in choosing a location, picking the right golf simulator, and what marketing strategies work best. It also provides analysis on expected indoor golf center visits by month and customer visit frequency based on key drivers such as golfers in a 10 mile radius. We also provide a breakdown of what percent of revenue comes from golf simulator use, food, beverage, lessons, merchandise and events. Find out how indoor golf bar owners evaluate the effectiveness of various off season approaches to driving traffic.

  • Indoor Golf Study
  • Excel based Startup Model
  • Location SelectionTool
  • Player Preference Research ​

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